Do you remember the moment when you held your newborn for the first time? Before long, you may have felt overwhelmed, realizing that ...

Fulfilling Your Role as Parents

Do you remember the moment when you held your newborn for the first time?
Beautiful and happy family,sharing special moments with their child.
Before long, you may have felt overwhelmed, realizing that your child’s need for guidance would continue for many years. The enormity of your responsibility quickly sank in.
Parents spending quality time with their child.
WHILE the role of parents has always been challenging, it is especially so today. Why? Because the world is more complex than it was when you were a child. Some of the moral challenges children confront​—when using the Internet, for example—​did not even exist just a few decades ago.
Children are always curious about new things.
As children grow, they are buried in an avalanche of misinformation about morals​—some of it from their peers and much of it from the media. Such negative influences become especially evident when children enter the teen years. However, research shows that when it comes to major decisions in life, many adolescents place higher value on their parents’ viewpoints than on those of their peers.
Giving their child the care and attention she deserves at all times.
Along with joy, the birth of a child brings serious responsibilities. If a child is to grow up to become a healthy adult, he/she needs nutritious food on a regular basis. If the child is to take a firm stand for good morals, he/she needs spiritual nourishment and the guidance of parents who endeavor to instill in him godly principles.
Training the child to emulate good examples is very vital.
Early child training produces good fruitage. However, parents find that providing spiritual instruction for their children is not without its challenges.
Always stay close to your children and give them the upbringing they deserve.
A child’s restlessness or short attention span can be a major challenge for parents. The attention of young children may move quickly from one thing to another. After all, they are curious and are trying to explore the world around them. What can parents do to help their child to concentrate on what they are trying to teach him? A small child is like a sapling that needs watering at regular intervals. Since repetition helps adults to remember important matters, it will surely help young children!
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