Our goal is to create the most magical memories of your wedding day. Our Vision is to capture the heart and joy of each moment, bringing into focus those lasting memories so that you may cherish them forever. Each face, every smile, and all of those happy tears and burts of laughter - you will get to see them all again.   Pictures of a wedding are not just a document - they represent a moment in time when two lives become one. For the bride, a wedding is one of the most emotional, aesthetic events in her life. She wants to look beautiful the day she gets married and she wants to memorialize the events of her special day to enjoy for years to come. I will use my skills, the camera, and lighting to impinge my viewpoint on this magical time and put it on paper in order to preserve this occasion forever. "I truly love to photograph weddings. Where else can a photographer get the wonderful moments, the challenges and the personal rewards wedding photography provides. To capture the heart, the excitement, and the emotions of the day is what it is all about."


        I happen to be a wedding photographer. My clients contact me from all over the world. Most of the time its a last minute plan to head over to City Hall for a spontaneous wedding ceremony at the City Clerk's Office. I am usually asked to be a witness as well. I love my job. If I could photograph and document this every day of the week, I would. Weddings make me happy. Seeing two couples in love make me very happy. The wait times is usually within the hour. Everything is done in a process. Take a ticket, wait in line for the paperwork to be signed, wait in the Chapel waiting area, then be married in front of a small room, podium and gaze into each others eyes. The officiant likes to smile and crack a few jokes too. I like that."


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An Amazing Lotte New York Palace Wedding Ceremony Photography

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